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Kentucky Senate Republicans Did Douglas Dirty

We have a lot to say about redistricting that happened earlier this year, but it's just too much to put in one blog post. So, we are going to cover that fiasco in pieces.

Senator Don Douglas - R, is the newly elected Senator from Jessamine County which is in the 22nd Senate District. He was elected during a special election that took place as a result of the unexpected passing of Senator Tom Buford - R, also of Jessamine County. So, Senator Douglas is currently serving in the Senate this Legislative Session.

In the neighboring district to the north, District 12 which was a Fayette County only district is currently represented by Senator Alice Forgey Kerr - R; however, she is retiring due to a plethora of challengers that arose during the fall of 2021, most notably Brewed Coffee Shop owner Andrew Cooperrider who opposed Governor Beshear's COVID-19 lockdown and mandate policies. However, after redistricting Cooperrider and Douglas are now in the same District 22. All but one of the candidates were drawn out of District 12 except Republican establishment sweetheart Amanda Bledsoe. Bledsoe had been previously only used as a threat to keep people out of races, but we guess her time has finally come to be a legitimate candidate for public office. Bledsoe does not have a primary, and because of the uncertainty of redistricting she doesn't have a Democrat opponent either. The Kentucky Senate basically gifted her a 4-year term as a state senator.

So that left Cooperrider with a dilemma, run as a Representative instead against Representative Killian Timony - R, Fayette County, Rep. District 45, a RINO, or run against the newly elected Senator Douglas in Senate District 22. In an effort to save the RINO from 45, the House amended their redistricting plan last minute right around Cooperrider to place him in Rep. District 39, home to Jessamine County Rep. Matt Locket, a semi-liberty Republican.

The Senate Republicans were willing to risk their newly elected Senator from District 22, Don Douglas in favor of guaranteeing Amanda Bledsoe a place in the Senate with District 12. Cooperrider choose to take his chances with the Senate seat and run against Douglas. A well-known Cooperrider stands a very good chance of taking down a newly (specially) elected Senator Douglas. It's really a bad scenario for having a better Senate make up, as Senator Douglas is not the worst offender in Frankfort, and seems to be trying to make an honest effort at doing what's right, but to the Republican establishment that is not as valuable as having a good ol' gal in the Frankfort club. Douglas was just a pawn, and they did him dirty.

As side one has to wonder with all this effort to draw Cooperrider specifically if Republican didn't skirt some ethics violations with their redistricting plan.

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