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Kentucky Senate Passes Fake Election "Security" Bill

FIirst a brief recap of a fake election "reform" bill that passed last session HB 574 (Sponsor Rep. Jennifer Decker - R, Shelby County) became law. There were several concerning items in this legislation but the most concerning was the requirement to use Ballot Marking Devices (BMD). Dominion voting machines are a type of Ballot Marking Device; however, in Kentucky we do not have Dominion voting machines, but we do have contracts with other voting machine companies that have BMDs to sell us. The nuts and bolts of a BMD is that you select your ballot electronically on the BMD and then it prints it off (this is where they try and trick people into thinking they have a paper ballot) then you check that ballot print off to see if it is correct (studies show most people do not) and then you put it into a scanner to count the ballot.

It is very important for people to check the ballot printed from the BMD because the voter could have made an error, there could be a glitch in the program, or the BMD could be hacked even. The possibility of hacking is what brings us to SB 216 (Sponsor Senator Robby Mills - R; Henderson County) which was just passed by the Kentucky State Senate 22-10. SB 216 is advertised as an election security bill among other things, because of the concerns about voting machines being hooked up to the internet or other networks, and thus vulnerable to attack. SB 216 will not allow any official results to be transmitted via the internet other network connections. Hope everyone caught that, official results will not be transmitted via the internet. Sounds good doesn't it? What this bill leaves out, and it almost seems to be by design is any mention of unofficial results. Before any election results are official, they must first be unofficial, so in reality our elections are still tied into the internet or other networks before, during, and after the voting process, it is only after it is all said and done and unofficial elections results become official will we then have the elections results disconnected from the internet or other networks.

Both last year's HB 574 and this year's SB 216 were the brainchild of Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams (McConnell minion). He has repeatedly maintained there was no fraud in 2020, yet at the same time felt compelled to champion both pieces of legislation that on the surface are meant to appear as if we are doing something to address election concerns that he himself view as not a real problem anyway. Doesn't that seem odd, if one thought the 2020 Election went off with no more abnormalities than any other regular election year, then why support the passage of these bills? Maybe it's because he knows confidence in the elections have been shaken and he must create a marketing blitz to convince the people that while he believes everything is fine, he is addressing our concerns, but he isn't really, and in fact working to codify the ability to have even more fraud in the future. Never let a good crisis go to waste as they say.

Quite simply people need to realize that this is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue but a We The People vs. The Swamp issue. If they really wanted to ensure the elections results are accurate they would let us count the ballots, but even in this hackable system there is no mechanism for us to actually physically count the ballots, the only thing we can do and have done is have a recanvas or retabulating of what the hackable machines say we did. Only in rare circumstances can a candidate gain access to counting the ballots and they must jump through legal hurdles and time constraints to do that. Many Republicans complain government spends too much money, but then willing vote for many unnecessary spending measures that are not a function or responsibility of government in the first place, but at the same time balk at the time and money needed to actually count the votes of an election, one of the cornerstones of what our entire Republic is based on.

Some would say that we should not vote because we can't have confidence in the elections but what we really need is more of us voting than ever before. They think they can predict us, so they build in the fraud they need, but we start participating off the charts they won't be prepared for that and the amount of fraud they think they can get away with will be diminished. The longer it goes like this the harder it will get, so we need to get out there and support candidates and politicians that will really champion substantive election reform instead of giving it lip service at best, and more accurately a bait and switch.

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