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145 Page Election Bill

HB 574 is a 145 Page Election Bill that passed the Kentucky House last Friday 93-4. From what we understand this is the brainchild of Michael Adams (McConnell Ally) who acquiesced to Governor Beshear on every election issue (fortunately Kentucky was not a swing state this year).

We will be honest we don't know what is in it, but all the Democrats in the House voted for it and two very staunch liberty activists in the House did not, Rep. Rabourn and Rep. Maddox. If they have a problem with it we here at KLR are not going to doubt them. This bill is huge and was filed late and passed late in the session, its time for our legal eagles out there to take a look at this legislation. Hopefully the Senate can pump the breaks on this bill and take a closer look.

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