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Rep. Kim Moser is a Hypocrite

Earlier in the day we posted an article about the House in general being hypocrites in comparison to how they handle a protective hairstyle bill vs. how they treated the vaccine bill Rep. Savannah Maddox has been working on. In the same committee meeting as that hair bill there was testimony on Medical Marijuana, HB 136, sponsored by Representative Jason Nemes - R; Jefferson 33. Rep. Nemes has been working on this for some time, and while it is not perfect it is a step in the right direction. In our view the bill is too tight, but one could argue that might be the only way you get enough people on board to support such a bill. Will Nemes' bill pass all the way through the legislature, that remains to be seen? However, that is not the actual topic of this article, it is the downright hypocrisy of Rep. Kim Moser - R; Kenton 64.

It is no secret in Frankfort that Moser is a big proponent of the Medical Industrial Complex. She has been a strong advocate of vaccination, especially during COVID-19, as well as an opponent of any alternative treatments or protecting people's rights against mandates.

On the issue of Medical Marijuana, she believes there needs to be more research before we fully step into this realm. Watching this committee and hearing her comments you would get the impression that there is come magical barrier preventing scientific information from getting into Kentucky. She cited that Mississippi had been studying Medical Marijuana since 1968 and just recently took action on it, and that we should proceed with the same caution and do our own research. While research on anything is good to keep doing in the medical and scientific fields, we do not have to wait to just do our own, there are enough studies out there that we can probably have a pretty good grasp of what we need to do, we don't have to do it within the boundaries of your own state for it to be considered valid in making a decision on moving forward with Medical Marijuana.

Coming back to the issue of vaccines we find it just a bit funny that Representative Moser wants more research on Medical Marijuana, but that she is ok pushing on people a new vaccine for a new virus in which we are literally still in the experimental phase. This is a wholly hypocritical stance to take if there ever was one which is only justified by her blind allegiance to the Technocracy of the Medical Industrial Complex.

There are several legislators in Frankfort that need to retire for the good of the Commonwealth and Rep. Kim Moser is near the top of the list. She does have a primary opponent; we don't know much about him, but his name is Christopehr Mann, maybe the people of Kenton and Campbell Counties need to look into him.

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