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Pandemic Vaccine Exceptions

Currently under KRS 214 the Health Department can mandate vaccines in a pandemic for any reason without exception. Under non-pandemic conditions the only exemptions people have are medical and religious, and during a pandemic those exemptions disappear. With SB 8 those exemptions would be put into place as well as adding conscientious (philosophical) objections to a vaccine except for children enrolled in public schools, they still have only the two existing exemptions of medical and religious.

Right now the COVID-19 Vaccines are considered emergency/experimental by the Federal Government and it is a violation of Federal Law for anyone to require the COVID-19 vaccine or any other vaccine with that type of designation by the FDA. The problem we have right now is we do not know how long that designation will be in place and we don't know how much long our government officials are going to keep the Pandemic in place. This is why we need SB 8 to become law in Kentucky.

Senate Bill 8 has already passed the Senate and now sits in the House as of February 4, not even assigned a committee yet. This bill needs to get moving before the end of the session, we don't want to wind up in a situation where the Governor vetoes it and the legislature doesn't have time to overturn it.

This is not anti-vax, if people want to take the vaccine they should be able to, but at the same time any newly developed vaccine like the COVID-19 vaccines, people should be allowed to exert control over their own bodies, anytime, but especially now. It is not entirely accurate to say these vaccines are absolutely safe as it takes the FDA roughly 7-10 years to determine if a drug the have approved for public consumption is actually safe. This vaccine was created in record time, and is unlike any vaccine every created as it modifies DNA to fight the virus. We at KLR believe it is prudent for people to be skeptical, just as much as we think it is prudent that any that has concerns about the virus take the vaccine if they so choose.

Public Good can never be used to violate Individual Rights, otherwise we open Pandora's box for a dystopian future.

Call 1-800-372-7181 and tell your Representative and House Leadership to support SB 8 and call Senator Mike Wilson and thank him for sponsoring SB 8.

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