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What McConnell's Trump Warning Tells Us

Its time we move past McConnell, he has now openly warned Republican Senators against objecting to the Electoral College votes when they are read before the Senate. There is always an objection to the EC Vote and over lesser issues than what this election has seen. There is a lot going on with the Election that is being suppressed by the Mainstream Media, Big Tech, and the Deep State that most Americans don't get to hear or know. There have been an unprecedented amount of legal challenges based on voter fraud or a state not following their own election laws. We even dueling electors from 7 different states. We are not going to hash out all the details of what went wrong with the election, the internet is full of information on that if one chooses to review it, but the fact that McConnell is warning Senators away from challenging the EC Vote should be very telling, and if you don't know what it tells you, we will.

What McConnell's warning tells us is he is a part of the Deep State as well, always has been. He doesn't want Trump back in the White House, and he never really wanted him there to begin with. Many on the Right tried to give McConnell the benefit of the doubt because he was a Republican and Senate Majority Leader, and in Kentucky that supposedly meant Kentucky punching above its weight according to McConnell. But what has that gotten us really? Many of us Conservatives and Constitutionalists have tolerated him at best, we never really supported him, but no one really challenged him because when someone throws a pebble, he really does throw a boulder. He has won mostly on intimidation, and the power he accumulated in D.C., not based on values that actually represent Kentuckians.

Unfortunately McConnell is most likely on his last term as Senator, so more now than ever he can do what he wants without worrying about his constituents concerns, that's why he is warning Senators not to support Trump anymore, and to Kentuckians who overwhelmingly supported Trump that should you tell you how much McConnell really supports you. So what can we do about it, its not like he's actually going to listen. Well, McConnell is an old man who is on his way out, but he still can't give up his power and his legacy. He wants to maintain his control and influence in Kentucky and D.C. once he has retired from "public service." We doubt we can do much about his power if we are being honest, and not much about his legacy, but there is a modicum of what we can do to affect these two things and that is not not vote for his allies anymore. McConnell's influence in Kentucky is extensive and those affected by it are not safe to vote for, they owe him, not us.

Who are these people that owe him, well Kentucky certainly didn't join Texas in their lawsuit against Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, that should tell you something. Also in Kentucky we wound up giving Governor Andy Beshear everything he wanted for the primary and general election, which was a very dangerous thing to do, that should tell you something too. We are not saying like the left purge anyone, or even harass anyone, but when evaluating who to vote for you need to determine if that person will do what is best for Kentuckians, or what McConnell wants them to do, they are not the same thing.

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