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Emergency's End

Its time to admit there is no more emergency regarding COVID-19. We lived under the premise of 15 days to flatten the curve into almost a year of masks and lockdowns, economic turmoil and rights infringement. Many of us would like to get back to normal, but right now we are dealing with a chronic "new normal." We know what this virus is, it's dangerous to a certain segment of society and we must practice caution with them, but for most of that get it we face a 99% survival rate. We have a vaccine, we are coming out of pandemic. There is no reason to continue giving Governor Beshear arbitrary power over our lives. Its time to end the Emergency. Before the end of the last session the Governor agreed, by signing into law SB 150 that said if he had not ended the state of emergency that the legislature would. Its been a rough year for all, some of it not caused by the virus, but our Governor's response to it, but it is fairly safe to say we are no longer in any imminent unknown danger from this virus, we know what it is we know how to handle it, it is bad, but its not an emergency, its a chronic condition our society has to work through.

Senator Adrienne Southworth (R) has introduced SB 213 to end the state of Emergency.

It is imperative that you call now at 1-800-372-7181 and tell your Senator and Senate Leadership to support SB 213, and end the State of Emergency declared by Governor Beshear.

Also call Senator Southworth and thank her for Sponsoring SB 213

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