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Voter ID (F)Laws?

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Today in a press conference Senator Mills (R) and Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams (R) unveiled SB 2, an attempt to further strengthen Kentucky's Voter ID Requirement. We here at KLR are greatly concerned with voter fraud, and we do think something needs to be done. We certainly hope that can happen; however, this process needs to be well thought out and implemented correctly. We have not had a chance to read through this bill entirely but we hope to get an analysis to you soon; however, we are not confident in the efforts when the effective date will be this July, just months before a Presidential election. How can something that simple be overlooked (we hope it was only overlooked). Further as many suspected when REAL ID was getting fast tracked that it would be co-mingled with Voter ID, and it is not clear at this point if those two things are going to be separate or not.

Another reason we have pause is because when former SOS Alison Grimes was making a mess in that office, current SOS Adams was there on the election board and did nothing to rectify the situation when it was in his power to do so, the whistleblower came to him and he did noting. So we are not confident in his abilities or maybe even his desire to get this done right. It is our fear the SOS office and the voter rolls are a political weapons being used back and forth by the establishment in both parties.

What we do like is this is not a poll tax, as they are going to try an offer a "free" ID (taxpayer funded) version. So that removes the concern about Voter ID being a restriction placed upon a right (which is different than using your rights responsibly). However, what are the costs that are going to be involved in this and how do they determine this. We are not saying it shouldn't be paid for by the government, after all the government wastes money on lots of things, but this should be an allowable expense. We do; however, have concerns about how all these cards are going to get out to people, who needs one, how its paid for, etc.

Also just because it needs to be said, it is an absolutely horrible argument to say you need an ID for X, Y and Z, so why not for voting. We will tell you why, X, Y, and Z are not rights, but privilege's of voluntary exchanges upon which the parties set the condition not the government. Voting is a right, and should be treated as such.

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