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Straw Ban

File this under something that should never see the light of day. BR 999 by Representative Mary Lou Marzian (D) seeks to ban straws among other things.

The brief summary of the bill states:

"Amend KRS 224.50-545 to establish definitions; prohibit the intentional release of more than 25 plastic balloons; establish a ban on plastic, single-use carryout bags by July 1, 2025; establish a ban the provision of single-use plastic straws and Styrofoam food and beverage containers by retail food and beverage establishments by July 1, 2023; establish civil penalty of $100 per day for violation of bans."

We have to ask the question if the point is to cause less plastic pollution then why is she even allowing an exception for the release of plastic balloons with a cap of 25, either they all should be banned or they shouldn't. Either you care about the environment or your don't. Right?

Like we said we doubt this won't go anywhere but we just thought you should be informed this lunacy is making its way to Kentucky.

Below are a couple of videos, because if it actually does happen it will be a problem. First thing to note is we are the least of the offenders and China is the biggest, but we doubt they will do anything to stop their own pollution and implementation of paper straw substitutes would be more costly and actually less environmentally friendly. But hey, as long as we feel good.

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