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A little more house keeping for our new site. There are several ways you can stay in contact with us.

2) On Social Media through Facebook and Twitter, and as we grow maybe we will expand to other platforms if needed. It is very likely that some items may be posted to Facebook or Twitter before they make it on to the main site.

3) The Contact Form on our Contact Us page. There is a check box to let us know if you want to received email updates. Right now, since we are new we won't be having any email campaigns, eventually once we have enough subscribers we will send out emails to keep you informed and up to date. Don't worry we won't slam you. There is also an option to add what county you are in, this is not required but when it comes to legislative issues it may prove helpful to have a citizen in the area that can connect personally with a legislator in working with or talking to a legislator about an issue, if you would be willing.

You will note we have another page about making contact, and that is Contacting Legislators. This is nothing special, but all the contact info of state and federal legislators in one spot instead of having to go to each of their pages. On the state LRC page if you wish to contact a legislator directly in an email you will have to go through their contact form page, otherwise the LRC Hotline numbers will do just fine. Also on our Contact Legislators page we have tips on how to leave a message on the hotline with a few simple steps.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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