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REAL ID is Coming...sometime

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

REAL ID keeps making the news here in Kentucky, and even though it is passed now not many know what it really is. So we decided we would give you a breif update as to what it is and where it stands. Many have been sold on the need for it so we can all fly on planes, thats the fear tactic anyway that causes the mass hystaria over our state not passing the federal DHS regs into law so Kentucky can be compliant with the REAL ID Act of 2005.

What is REAL ID? In short it is a state DL that meets international identification standards (specifically the International Civil Aviation Organization, a subsidiary of the Untied Nations) that incorporates biometrics. This card once fully implemented will be capable of containing whatever information the government deems necessary to put on it about you. The biometrics, specifically facial recognition, but it is not limited to it, is needed so any camera can identify you anywhere at anytime for any reason. Sounding like "1984" yet?

Kentucky had resisted implementing this nightmare for 12 years or thereabouts, until Governor Bevin was elected into office, and even though he ran as a liberty friendly candidate, he made it one of his top priorities. The first year his efforts were thwarted from grassroots organizations on the right and the left. Both the ACLU adn the ACLJ have been opposed to the implementation of REAL ID.

Now it is law and hardly anyone can get one and the Federal deadline for October 2020 compliance is approaching. The only county that seems to be offering REAL ID compliant DL's is Franklin county, not even Fayette or Jefferson can do it. Franklin county even seemed to struggle getting it set up, but now they can apparently handle REAL ID requests for Anderson, Shelby and Fayette in addition to Franklin county. The plan as we understand it is to split the state up into regions so people can get their driver's licenses at those locations. This seems to be going in the direction that many other states already have with a DMV that government nightmares are made of for complicating the lives of average citizens.

So as we understand it, because the law was a mess in the first place you, can get a REAL ID compliant DL or you can opt out. However you have to tell them you want to opt out and get a non-REAL ID compliant DL that will look exactly the same as the REAL ID compliant DL offered by the same vendor sent to you in the mail, but it will cost less. Also in order to get this REAL ID compliant DL you are going to have to turn over other identification documents like a birth certificate and your social security card not for verification but for record retention as well (for the non-compliant you don't have to turn over identity documents). Can anyone say identity theft? States that are well ahead of Kentucky in implementing REAL ID have already had identity theft problems. What could go wrong with a half-baked government storage system of everyone's very personal information? In today's society information is power and currency and identity information is the most valuable of all.

Sticking with the information being vulnerable theme for a little bit longer, the company that will ultimately provide this ID card is Advent International (it was L-1 Identity Solutions, then Saphron), last we checked. Anyway the French government is part owner in this company that is supposed to be housing this information, but we trust the French right? Not so fast, even if we trust the French, and all this is good with you so far, get this, every participating country, say like China, Russia, or Iran also has access to this information.

Here is the real annoying part, even though this thing complies with international standards you still can't use it to fly internationally, you can only use it to fly in the US. So we basically gave the international community and all its hackers access to all our personal information and we got virtually nothing in return. You still have to use a passport to go out of the country. Not to mention an increase in state spending to get it done. A state like Oklahoma who is comparable to Kentucky in population estimates it will have to spend $8 Million dollars to make it happen, not to mention how much the Feds are spending to make it happen on their end, roughly $1 Billion, that's nothing to the Federal Government anymore though.

If you want to know more about REAL ID there is a national organization we suggest you look into called the Constitutional Alliance. They have a gentlman working with them by the name of Mark Learner who was a biometric's expert in the industry and he has been trying to sound the alarm on the dangers to this issue for a long time now. We are not sure what more can be done at this point, we just thought we would give everyone an update on where it stands. One thing that can be done is you should also have the option of selecting an ID without a photo so you avoid the facial recognition biometrics, but must turn over your fingerprints. Pick your biometric posion. The only thing that may save us is the governments inherint nature to be very ineffiecient, and so most counties you can still get a regular DL for now, but we are also paying for two vendors as well.

In case you were wondering REAL ID violates the 4th and 10th Amendments and for some the 1st Amendment as it would for many Christians be considered a precursor to the Mark of the Beast, not because it is a number alone, but because it is international and will be very difficult in the future to do everyday transactions like commerce and travel without it.

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