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Marcy's Law Alert - Preserve Due Process

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Call the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-372-7181 or 502-564-8100

Give the operator your name and address (this helps them find your legislator)

Tell the operator who your message is for, if it is someone other than your state representative and state senator.

We suggest you leave your message for your state representative and state senator as well as ALL House and Senate Leadership. We also suggest you leave this message for members of the House Judiciary Committe and Senate Judiciary Committee.

There is now a bill number, it doesn't say Marsy's Law, but it is, and it is SB 15. So your message needs to be "Oppose SB 15, Preserve Due Process"

Interesting to note the actual bill in 2018 said that nothing in the bill should be construed to violate Due Process, but that is impossible because the bill itself does that, the statement and the bill itself are in conflict. Most legislators will try and hang their hat on that statement when supporting this legislation, don't let them. In your personal communications with legislators point out that contradicotry flaw in the langauge of the bill.

If you need more information on Marcy's Law please see our post Marcy's Law Redo

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