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Hello Kentucky

We are new site that hopes to be a tool for the citizens of Kentucky when it comes to monitoring legislation and other related issues and events in the Commonwealth. We are a Grassroots Government Watchdog concerned with preservation of both the U.S. and Kentucky Constitutions and the ideals of liberty. We are non-partisan, we do not pick political parties to support only the advancement of Liberty. We know there are a lot of organizations, blogs, and other entities that do a lot of this already, but we figured one more eye on the government, one more avenue for citizen involvement is a good thing, not a bad thing. We don't mean to compete with those organizations, only to be a help.

We are small and just getting started so our content is pretty bare right now, but we are sure this legislative session will fill this site up faster than we would want it to, but we will try and keep up. Hopefully the road to a successful first year won't be too bumpy, but we have real jobs just like everyone else, and time is limited. So if you notice an issue with the site please let us know so we can fix it. You can do so by emailing us at or through our Contact Us page.

During this upcoming 2020 session we will try to provide you with current and relevant commentary, but more importantly timely Legislative Alerts to help you stay engaged on the issues and make a difference in the direction Kentucky takes. We have a couple of other pages that should prove useful and grow as we go that will help you stay involved, a Contact Legislators page, and Resources page.

Buckle up and good luck!

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