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Gas Tax Increase Expected

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Last session HB 517 was introduced to increase Kentucky's gas tax. There were 17 sponsors 15 of which were Republican, who are supposedly for lower taxes. The reason the bill got introduced is Governor Bevin was for it, the reason Bevin was for it was because the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce was for it as their members would benefit from road construction contracts. Further Bevin's own legislative liaison Brian Sunderland was affiliated with the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, so a non-governmental entity was having influence in what the Governor's office was doing and what legislation they were putting forth. Fortunately the legislation died. However, we fully expect it to be given another shot this session. Some of the items we expect to see are at least a 10¢ increase in tax, an increase in fee's at your county clerks office, and a tax on hybrid/electric cars. So be on the look out.

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