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Don't Nationalize Kentucky's Elections

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

UPDATE: This has passed the Senate and has moved to the House Election Committee

SB 3 was introduced in the Senate this week, it is a Constitutional Amendment to move the election of our Constitutional Officers (Governor, Attorney General, etc) to the Presidential Election year by 2028. We think this is a bad idea for 2 very simple reasons.

1) We like that Kentucky is unique and has off year elections to vote in our state executives, it makes the race more about Kentucky and what is important to Kentucky and not about National Elections and Issues, and the flavor of moment that is driving that election. While we are apart of the US, our state issues are very different than federal issues and its important they are voted on separately.

2) Unfortunately when it comes to National Elections there are many races and issues floating in the air causing confusion on the issues that can lead to some very uninformed or misinformed voters. Sure Presidential elections get more people involved, but we would hope that those involved are informed about the issues. This is an instance were less is more. We would love for everyone to be fully informed on all issues and everyone participate but in the real world that just won't happen. We think Kentucky having an off year election provides more opportunity for voters to be informed about the issues important to Kentucky.

Besides voter turnout the other main reason proponents of this bill want it done, is that say it will cut down on costs. Well if cutting down on costs is the reason then we might as well transition to a dictatorship in 2028, whoever is governor at the time stays there, that will cut down on elections costs. There are plenty of places to cut costs in government, the one mechanism that ensures the people are not trampled upon is not it. We are for cutting costs but not at the expense of the peoples voice to be heard at the ballot box.

This bill is in the Top 10 List (first 10 bills) for the Senate and so that means it is a priority. Hopefully these 2 simple reasons have convinced you to be opposed to this bill. We know people get election weary, but in our Constitutional Republic voting is the deal we have, it keeps us free and in control, and so why not vote more often not less. However, 2019 proved that Presidential Elections are not required to draw more voters to the polls, as it was one of the highest voter turnouts on record.

Call the legislative hotline at 502-564-8100 or 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message for your Representative, All House Leadership and Members of the House Elections Committe opposing SB 3, and tell them, "Kentucky's Issues are too important, don't nationalize our elections"

Be Unique, Be Better, Be Kentucky.

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