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CBD Employment Protection

In some employers drug tests for employment, CBD from hemp is turning up as Marijuana. While in the same plant family, you absolutely cannot get high from anything CBD related. Sen Robin Webb (D) has introduced SB 65, legislation to prohibit an employer from requiring an employee from using CBD related products on their off time. However, on the clock if the employer has a policy prohibiting the use of CBD products the employee must comply. We think this is a good bill to clean up employment issues for employees that prefer or may even need to use CBD for medical reasons.

Call the legislative hotline at 502-564-7181 or 1-800-372-8100 and tell your Senator, All Senate Leadership, and members of the Senate L&O Committee and ask them to support SB 65.

Note L & O is short for Licensing and Occupation Committee, they also handle Administrative Regulations.

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