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Beshear Signs Bill that Never Passed!

HB 570 was signed into law today, even though it never actually passed the Senate. We know what you are thinking and it is a bit confusing but first a little history on what HB 570 is. HB 570 would allow for the expansion of interlocal agreements. Interlocal agreements are where governmental entities like counties and cities can agree to use the same services. Say for instance a county that doesn't have a jail use another county's jail. So in some instances these agreements are needed and prudent. However, there is a limit, this bill would expand that practice thus limiting accountability of those in office to the citizens they represent. This bill also the review that is supposed to be completed by the Attorney General's office to make sure these agreements don't run afoul of any existing laws is presumed to have been done without any actual review taking place. In fact it is written into law that remedy against a fraudulent agreement cannot be sought. This is a bare bones basic understanding of the bill, it is way more complex than what we have stated. The creation of this bill we feel allows for more corruption to seep into how our local governments operate. However, we feel this bill ought not have been signed into law in the first place.

HB 570 passed the House no problem 73-10; however, in the Senate it had a much steeper hill to climb. On the initial voting it was quite a balancing act. We will recap it for you in pictures.

First it was defeated, 16-14 on the initial roll. Please take note of Wheeler during this process. Also take note this is a bipartisan split.

Now notice it is tied, and a few more senators add their votes.

Now it has passed 17-16. This bill barely passed constitutionally. See Section 46 of the Constitution. But wait, there's more.

Senator Wheeler changes his mind, votes Nay, and it fails.....

Never mind, as the chamber laughs, Wheeler changes his vote to Aye. However, more votes were later counted.

Two more senators enter into the record their opposition to HB 570. Senators Neal and Harper-Angel voted Nay, and it was agreed to, making the Final Final Vote 18-16 Against.

One would think that a bill with such a fiasco of a vote on the final day, the Governor being a Democrat, the opposition coming from Democrats and a decent chunk of Republicans, that Governor Beshear would Veto it, but he didn't, but what is more amazing is that it actually should not have made it to his desk in the first place, as it failed to pass the Senate. Senator Webb even before the vote, wondered what the urgency was in passing this bill. You can check out the debate, and the voting hilarity by clicking HERE. You will want to go to Part 3 and fast forward to 1:42 (measured in hours) into the video, the time stamp at the top should on or about 6:52.

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