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Just an FYI the weekend before the session starts, which it starts on Tuesday, January 7th, there are already 1042 bill requests (BR's). So far most of them are not "adjourn in honor of" or "declare such and such date to be fill in the blank awareness day" that we can tell, but there are still a significant amount not actually posted yet. While some may be resolutions, the vast majoirty so far seem to be actual bills. How on earth any of them will have the time, expertise to adaquatly undertand, and discuss and debate the issues fully is beyond comprehension. Here's the fun part though, we still have until February 21st for them to make all their bill requests, who knows how many we will wind up with.

There are 138 legislators and if you look at past years give or take a little bit on average that is how many bills they pass (goodnight, 130 some odd new laws every year?!?!). We certainly wish they would pump the breaks on all these bills, granted we understand that you never know what issue will pop up and be important, and you don't want to limit the democratic process, but you figure they could practice some restraint, maybe talk to each other coordinate things, cut out some duplication.

What seems to be even more concerning is somehow they are managing to pass more bills than usual in recent years, that's probably attributed to Sen. Alvarado, keeping up with just him is a full time job. So that is were we stand on the legislation count, and those like us who attempt to keep up with it will be busier than a one armed paper hanger.

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